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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is there such a price difference between Biewers, Yorkies and what appears to be a Tri-colored Yorkie??


Biewers are truly a rare breed dog.  They hail from Germany and it's quite expensive to import them. Very few breeders have ventured into taking on the import of these dogs.

There are many Yorkie breeders which means that with the price is lower since there are so many competing to place puppies.

Yorkies are very similar in size, coat and temperament.  It's much easier to find and adopt a Yorkie.  They are a well known and loved breed and very popular.  

Too many unscrupulous individuals have bred a Yorkie with any white dog at all (Maltese, Poodles, Westies etc) in order to produce what they refer to as 'Biewers' in order to take advantage of the 'market' for this rare dog.  Don't be fooled and don't waste your money unless you just want a cute mixed doggie.  

You want a REAL Biewer and not just a cute mixed breed doggie with a high price tag!


Is a tri-coloured Yorkie considered a Biewer?


There are no TRI-COLOR YORKIES within the breed standard!!  These are a fault within the Yorkie breed.  The tri-colored marking isn't an option within the Yorkie breed standard and does not make them a Biewer!!  It simply makes them a mis-marked Yorkie.

The Biewer has it's own breed standard and requirements for where and how the markings are placed.


Does breeding a Yorkie to a white dog produce a Biewer?