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Welcome to Niagara  Biewer Yorkshire Terriers

What is a Biewer?

The name 'Biewer' is pronounced 'Bee-va' or 'Bee-vir' (both are acceptable) and is the surname of the German couple that worked so hard to develop the Biewer Yorkie breed in the 1980's and to bring them to full recognition in Europe. The Biewer began from the chance breeding of two champion Yorkies that carried a recessive gene that allowed for the rare tri-color. Mr Werner Biewer saw the potential to take that recessive trait and work with it to perfect the Biewer that we know today with specific color/pattern placement.

They are a beautiful tri-colored dog with specific placement of colours.  When mature their coats are silky soft, long and flowing just like the typical Yorkie.  They have an undocked tail that curls like a teacup handle and is adorned with a beautiful plume of white hair.

Most families opt to keep their little Biewer in a cute puppy cut for ease of maintenance but there is nothing more beautiful than a Biewer in full flowing coat.

This rare dog originated in Germany and is now gaining recognition and popularity in North America.  No wonder!  Biewers are the ultimate companion dog for all lifestyles. With their temperament and non-shedding coat, they are a welcome addition to any family.

They were first brought to North America in 2003 so they haven't been here very long!!

This breed is recognized and registered in Europe by official dog associations.  It has it's own breed standard. Don't be fooled! Too many 'breeders' are trying to produce a tri-colored dog that they call 'Biewers' when they are simply producing a mixed breed that looks similar to a Biewer.

They are also different from a mismarked Yorkie that turns out tri-colored. They don't have the many years of true Biewer bloodline and personality, color placement and standard.   

Through years of dedicated breeding, the Biewer has been developed into a breed with it's own standard and differences from the well known Yorkshire Terrier.

Learn more about this incredible breed, it's history and breed standard by clicking "Biewer Breed Info" at the top of the page.  

We are proud members of the International Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club (I.B.C.) in Germany!

Each of our lovely little Biewer Yorkshire Terriers will have their own page with photos and pedigree for you to enjoy. 

Please feel free to contact me to find out more about this very endearing toy breed dog.They are funny, playful, affectionate and very lovable!